Lucky 7 – Dave Nelson

This week’s Lucky 7 questions go to Dave Nelson.

1. Age / how long have you been skating – 32 years old. Been skating for about 25 years.

2. Favorite local skaterSteve Andel. He’s always fun to skate with and is a creative, motivated, good guy. Can’t get much better than that.

3. Favorite spot/park/object to skate – Anywhere with my friends. Sometimes the worst places to skate are the most fun with good friends.

4. What’s the best part of your day – I appreciate many parts of the day. I love coming home to see my daughter. I love getting up at 4:30am to get in and do uninterrupted design work for 4 hours. I love skateboarding any time I want in our studio. I love skateboarding to lunch with everyone from SecretPenguin. I love our clients and the fun projects we get to work on with them. I love that I get to work alongside talented friends.

I’ve learned that life is hard when you focus on the hard stuff, but when you deal with the hard stuff and then focus on the things you love, it seems to be much much more enjoyable.

5. Favorite drink – Red Bull. To be totally transparent, they do give me product. But I drank it before they did, and I’d continue to drink it if they stopped giving it to me. I will always support a company that has supported our local skateboard community. They’ve helped out a lot in the past 8+ years, and I truly appreciate it.

6. How many games of shuffleboard have you won in your life – Haha! I have no idea. But I miss it! We should put a shuffleboard court in our studio! Bring back the tournaments..

7. What’s the best part of working for SecretPenguin – We don’t have any rules here.. besides being ethical, being respectful and getting quality work done on time. Besides that, it’s open game. We can do whatever we want. Keeps it fun. We also try to use 20% of our time for side projects. Those are always fun and helps us to constantly learn new things.

I’m working on a new line of underwear called SecretPenguin Private Protectors.

Cody (The Art + Interactive Director) is heading up a project with B&G Tasty Foods, “SecretPenguin curated Frenchees”. We’ll create new Frenchees each month. In November, we’re going to release a Thanksgiving themed Frenchee.. something like a Turkey and Cranberry Frenchee.

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